A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A short FPS game.

Russian alchemists discovered the philosopher stone! But all skalenium crystals were stolen by reptilians. Will your mom be able to get them back?

25-09-18 experemental win32 build for fixing Windows Vista issue.

11-08-17 patch note: fixed the mouse input code

10-24-17 patch: 

Added normal maps to materials, screen fades from black at level start, sound for player landing on ground, fixed aiming glitch. Source code release.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Dark, Gore
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Project-Raspidarasilo-4-Linux32 74 MB
Project-Raspidarasilo-4-Linux64 75 MB
Project-Raspidarasilo-4-Win64.exe 66 MB
Project-Raspidarasilo-4-sourcecode.7z 43 MB
projrasp4-win32.exe 64 MB


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why does my virus protection goes up ?

The game is made with old godot version. Did you tried multiple web anti-virus tests?

I can't figure out why, but the game only works out of focus, at the moment I focus the window it freezes, even alt+f4 waits for the game to go out of focus before closing it

Do you use any overlays? What is your system configuration/OS?

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Та же проблема. Винда х64. Игра не "разворачивается" (не отображается), пока не зажмёшь альт+таб -- тогда только она отображается на экране. Звук же есть всё время, не зависимо от изображения. Никаких оверлеев не установлено.

P.S. Не знаю, можно ли на этом ресурсе использовать русский язык, но так как разработчик явно русский, написал на нём)

Мониторов больше чем 1? 


Seems same code for mouse handling does not works in windows...

Please Release the sourcecode

Thanks for interest. Will do in next few hours. But first gonna fix the mouse aiming glitch.

And add normal maps ofc! )


Hi, can you share source files? I was wandering to know how to make fps games on Godot Engine.

Sorry for long time to reply. My PSU got burned so I had to go back to console peasant realm a bit.

When I began to write this project I had no idea how to write godot FPS myself. So If you read code - you will be confuzed since it is overengeneering mess. Main part - you just attach 3d camera to 3d rigid body - and all work is done. After that you just add features. 

Question about adding features, how can i create a weapon, how to reload, and collect ammo, and save count of ammo,items and health between the scenes (levels.)

Take a look at this addon for weapons and reloading:


Saving data between scenes is usually done with Singletons:


The forum for godot exists https://godotdevelopers.org/forum/

Commenting with "how do I do [insert basic stuff]" are kinda not fun to read in general ). It looks like you make fun of game developers (I suppose you are one).

Weapon model is exported from blender, animated with AnimationPlayer, a child of player's rigid body (camera as well). Script on player's rigid body switches the weapon animation.

Crystal have a script that checks if player touches it, then it does +1HP +1AMMO and deletes itself.

"Commenting with "how do I do [insert basic stuff]" are kinda not fun to read in general ). It looks like you make fun of game developers (I suppose you are one)."

That is wrong, i'm new to programming, and was wandering how to do such thing, that's all. Thanks for answer anyway.

Very good game